About us

We treat pigs like kings.

Because we are certain that we can only produce real enjoyment with respect for people, animals and the environment and with fresh, seasonal ingredients.

It is a matter close to our hearts to know where our products come from, how they are processed and what influence they have on us and our environment.

Kühe von Gut Kerkow Hoflieferanten vom Hof in die Stadt

The turnip from the earth

We obtain our products from sustainably working producers in the region. The direct relationship and close contact with our suppliers is important to us. Animal welfare is just as much a matter of course for us as environmentally conscious and healthy farming.

With craftmanship

We deliberately avoid additives and flavour enhancers and focus on natural enjoyment. That’s why we make as much as possible from scratch and try to process everything edible. Seasonal ingredients are prepared gently. The processing requires first-class craftsmanship, a lot of experience, creativity and attention to detail. It is not unusual for our dishes to take hours or days to prepare.

Catering Team Hoflieferanten Berlin bei Speisenzubereitung
Buntes Gemüse frisch zubereitet für Event Catering

The presentation of a dish

Our chefs create total culinary experiences. We see the arrangement and presentation of the food as a visual enhancement of taste. With natural colours, shapes, materials, decorative elements and individually selected tableware, we create the right dining aesthetic for every dish.

Quality promise + experience

We offer a sustainable catering with products from  sustainable producers from Berlin and the region around Berlin.


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