Quality food is
our strength.

It is a matter close to our hearts to know where our products come from, how they are processed and what influence they have on us and our environment. For our catering, we prefer to use seasonal organic products, if possible from the Berlin/Brandenburg region. Wherever possible, our team works climate neutrally and sustainably. What we serve, however, should not only be of first-class quality but also visually convincing.

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If you beat around the bush too long, you’ll end up serving it cold and for that matter to put it short and crisp: We are firmly convinced that as a caterer you can be green even far away from the salad bar. Combining first-class catering with real sustainability is an absolute matter of the heart for us.


Freshness served on plates. Different from many caterers who prepare meals in their kitchens and offer them ready to serve at the event, our chefs are on site. They prepare fresh food according to need and demand, on-site. The vegetables are placed in the pans on spot and directly served on the plates of the guests. Accordingly, the bread is freshly cut as required. Regarding exquisite meat, we prove that we only serve the good cuts.

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For every ocassion

We provide moments of excitement and empty plates. With fresh food and exhilarating service. With venues that take on any attraction. No matter whether it’s a wedding or a trade fair, 50 or 2,000 guests, we follow with excellent quality and detail every step of the way.