The turnip from the earth

It is a matter close to our hearts to know where our products come from, how they are processed and what influence they have on us and our environment. That is why we go back to the roots.

The organic farm

One hour from Berlin, on the edge of the Uckermark, the organic farm of Gut Kerkow is situated. Kerkow is part of the biosphere reserve Schorfheide-Chorin. Special importance is given to the protection of landscapes and ecosystems concerning a culturally, socially and ecologically sustainable development. This fits in well with our idea of a self-contained agricultural system.

The focus is on the production of organic meat and sausage. The entire rearing and production process takes place in one place. In this way we ensure transparency and avoid unnecessary transport routes.

We are convinced that healthy and conscious nutrition (of both humans and animals) can only be ensured with the species-appropriate production of food .