With Craftmanship

We take our craft seriously. It often takes hours or days to prepare our dishes, such as our self-made bread:

With Wiener Brot, Helmut Gragger opened a wood fired oven bakery in Berlin back in 2012 for natural sourdough bread produced traditionally according to original recipes and without any additives.

The idea is to preserve the traditional baking craft and to lead it into the future. Wiener Brot works with high-quality raw materials. Everything is organic and many flours are Demeter-certified. We cooperate with regional partners.

Taste and sustainable management are also top priorities in the wood-fired-oven bakery. Care and management of the doughs are crucial for this. This also includes the three-step sourdoughs maturing in large boilers and not in sourdough facilities. This is very laborious, but we are convinced that you can taste the difference.